About Us

Our story began five years ago when we had an idea to start a small family business making lemonade. The kids would squeeze the lemons and my husband and I would make and bottle the lemonade. On Saturdays, I would go to the market to sell our wares. As our little business grew we employed our gardener’s wife to take over from our complaining kids. Etu, my first employee was a talented woman who could count bottles faster and more accurately than anyone I’ve ever met.

Wendy’s Lemonade has gone from strength to strength and now we employ a staff of six people to take care of everything. The women who work for Wendy’s Lemonade are all single hard working ladies who have the sole responsibility for their families. We have become a family and each person plays such an important role. Daphne works side by side with me and has been my greatest support.

Our lemonade is freshly made everyday from real fruit. Every time I drink it, I make the same comment, “This is the best drink ever”.
It is a drink loved by all, young and old, and it is a drink for every occasion.
The young kids sweetly refer to Daphne and myself as the lemonade ladies and are always so excited to meet us.
When we attend functions at the high schools they always ask for a Wendy’s.
We all love being part of this business and thank everyone for the support over the past five years.



Tel: 011 883 6252